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TAA Textiles, a brand in the Home Textile sector with a lot of expertise began in 2004, with the purpose of giving the greatest services, quality, and satisfaction to our clients in all aspects.

In main, our own production line includes knitted bedding, kitchen linen and bath linen. We continue to strive to produce the highest quality merchandise that is worth the price paid and provides the required level of usefulness and contentment to the user. TAA Textile is presently exporting its products to their clients in Europe, the United States of America and the Middle East.


Our objective is to meet the needs of our valued clients, particularly in the areas of beds and kitchens, by offering high-quality items at reasonable prices and by delivering excellent services.



  • We have worked in this industry for more than 18 years and have satisfied clients in Europe, Middle East and United States.
  • Our Quality assurance personal’s make sure that our manufacturing process is time managed so that our clients receive their products within the allocated time.
  • Our strict quality control management makes sure that all our manufactured products are according to the International Standards.
  • Prospects for the Future: TAA Textiles is a growing Home Textile Company. Our company’s primary goal is to provide high-quality items that fulfil the needs of clients. To compete in this global market, our organization ensures that our clients receive their items at reasonable costs. Our R&D Team works extremely hard to bring in new inventive ideas, which allows us to remain operational and sustain new goods in the Home Textile Industry.


TAA Textiles manufacturing unit are highly equipped with new technology and modern machinery which makes the whole process time-effective and organized.


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