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One of our best-selling bed linen products of TAA Textiles. We’ve served customers throughout Europe, the Middle East, and the United States. TAA Textiles uses environmentally friendly materials in the manufacture of these linens. These linens are used in hotel rooms, institutions, retirement homes, and hospitals, bed rooms, guest rooms and kid’s rooms.  These bed linens are long-lasting and comforting, adding to the grandeur of bedrooms. They provide a refreshing feel, and the soft texture helps wither away any skin concerns while also providing a massaging and soothing impact. The sizes are appropriate for any Europe or UK sized mattress. TAA Textiles offers a wide range of bed linen options for all flat sheet and fitted sheet needs. The fabric is versatile in every way to meet the needs of our clients.

TAA Textiles manufactures a variety of bed linens including:

  • Institutional Linen
  • Jacquard and Terry Fitted Sheets
  • Knitted Jersey Sheets
  • 50 50 Poly Cotton Sheets
  • Microfiber Jersey Sheets
  • Cotton Fitted Sheets
  • Lycra Fitted Sheets
  • Microfiber Interlock Sheets
  • Melange Fitted Sheets
  • Moltons 80 20 Sheets
  • Moltons 50 50 Sheets
  • Moltons Polyester Sheets.
  • Customizations:  
    • Customized Logo
    • Customized Packaging
    • Available Sizes in Different Regions:

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